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Services We Provide

All the services we offer are provided at no cost.

Pregnancy Test

We provide free self-administered pregnancy test that are easy to use and provide an accurate test result. You will meet in a private setting with a client advocate. Please expect your appointment to be about 45 minutes. A photo ID will be requested.

Limited Ultrasound

Free limited ultrasounds are available for those who have a positive pregnancy test. We provide limited ultrasounds on site every Wednesday. We do prefer to make appointments for ultrasound visits. The limited ultrasound is performed by a licensed sonographer & it confirms viable pregnancy.

Pregnancy Counseling

You may believe you are pregnant and need someone to talk with. Our trained client advocates will talk with you about your options and offer a free pregnancy test if you do not have documentation confirming you are pregnant. Outside resources will be provided in areas Hands of Hope is unable to service.

Post-Abortion Recovery

When sorting through a past abortion decision, help may be needed. Trained individuals are available to meet with you and talk about what you are going through. We will walk with you through a Biblically based study to help you find peace and healing.

Abortion Information

You may be wondering what to expect during an abortion. We can provide information about abortion procedures based on gestation and the development of the fetus based on your last menstrual period.

We will not refer to an abortion clinic.

Adoption Referrals and Counseling

Deciding to place your baby in a loving family is a noble and caring option for a time when you may feel unready to parent a child. We will connect you with a reputable adoption agency and walk with you through the pregnancy and after the adoption process.

Referrals to Community Resources

When extra help is needed beyond the scope of Hands of Hope's services, we are able to point you to other services in our area that may be able to help.

Parenting Education

Using a video-based curriculum, we help those who are seeking a little help with the parenting process. Raising a family can be difficult at times and this curriculum covers areas such as family strengthening, disciplining children, and life skills.

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