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What you should know

Have you taken a pregnancy test to verify you are pregnant? Before you panic or make any decisions ensure that you are. We offer free self-administered, pregnancy tests and upon the results of the test we can sit with you and discuss your options if your test is positive.

There are three options available to the woman who finds out that they are pregnant. You can become a parent to the child, you can consider placing the child up for adoption to a loving family, or you can choose to end the pregnancy. Upon a positive pregnancy test result we will sit with you and talk about all of these options. We will not make the choice for you, but will truthfully talk to you about these choices. Give us a call at 828-247-4673 or email us by clicking on the button below to set up an appointment.

You do not need to face this alone; we are here to support you in the process. We will meet with you privately and all information will be kept confidential. Please contact us to make an appointment.