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Where is the Man??

Where is the Man?

As we have quickly come through April, I am reminded of where many of my thoughts were focused during this past month. Spring was coming, so I had been looking forward to the warmer days. My son plays baseball and we have enjoyed his games as a family. The board and staff of the Center worked on our Golf Tournament which was wrapped up over the last weekend. However, most of my thoughts this months focused on the life of Christ. Obviously, with us celebrating Easter, we heard much of the death, burial, and resurrection of our King, but I kept going back to before then. The story of the woman caught in adultery has stuck with me, it intrigues me. When the Pharisees brought her to Christ, they said she had been caught in adultery. A couple of things stand out about this part of the story. This woman could not perform this sin alone, there was a man involved. The Mosaic law stated that BOTH the adulterer and the adulteress should be put to death. The law also said that no one should bare false witness and there should be at least 2 witnesses. This makes the religious leaders who accused this woman, look like they truly did not know the law. Indeed they knew, they were trying to test Christ. So what did Jesus write in the sand? Maybe he wrote, “Where is the Man?”

I still question this today in the pregnancy resource ministry. I believe at least 98% of the clients we see are women. Obviously, she did not get pregnant alone. Where is the man? A quick YouTube search will reveal many sermons about the importance of men in the family, the church, & society. Yet we see in the culture that men are not fulfilling the role of husband and father as God intended. The enemy has done a great job at deceiving us. The Women’s Lib movement was one of the tools he used to begin to demasculinize men. The next tool, abortion, men were told they have no voice when it comes to the life or death of their own child. Fast forward exactly 49 years since Roe V. Wade, and look at our culture now. However, there is still hope. More and more women are being honest about their desire to be loved by a Godly man, to have a strong father in the life of their children. This excites me, and I believe that the Church has a major role to play in this battle! I ask that you all join us in prayer over this. I ask that Godly men consider mentoring a young man, a young father. I ask that you share Christ unashamedly and with excitement. Open your heart and your home and see what God does when you love like Jesus!

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