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When Does Human Life Begin?

This question of when human life begins, has been the source of controversy for quite some time. So, one day I decided to Google it! This is what I found,"Life begins at fertilization with the embryo's conception". This intiates stage 1 of every human beings development, known at the germinal stage. I began to dig into this idea of stages of developement a bit deeper. After the germinal stage, at aproximately 3-8 weeks is the embryonic stage, and from the 9th week until birth is known at the fetal stage.

I was fascinated by this because I already know that after birth we have many stages of development; infant, toddler, early childhood, childhood, pre-teen, teen, young adult, adult, mature adult, elderly adult. All of these stages of life have nothing to do with the value of the life. Most would agree that in these 'post-birth' stages, that the life is very valuable. However, many in our culture disagree with the value of the life while still in the womb.

This is what the question truly is; when is that life valuable? We are here to help answer that question logically. I admit, the answer can be hard to accept, because that means that the next parts of a biological mother/father's life can get very complicated. We are here to encourage people that complicated does not mean impossible. We are here to help folks see that all choices are hard when you are unexpectedly pregnant, but to choose life brings about so much good. Come see us to find out what all the good looks like!! We are here to help!


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