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Life Situations and Choices

Life situations throw hurtles at us and our choices can exacerbate these situations. Facing them when we feel alone can be hard enough. Add opposition and it is even more difficult. Pregnancy at the wrong time and in one of these life situations can bring to the mix another hurtle that seems too high to jump.

There are three options for the one who finds they are in an unplanned pregnancy situation. Carry to term, consider placing the child up for adoption, or terminating the pregnancy are the three options. In difficult situations ending the pregnancy before birth may seem like the best scenario. Thoughts may run through the mind with how each of these scenarios play out in the plan.

Parenting a child can be a difficult road to take but is extremely rewarding over the long term. Money may be a consideration in how it can be possible. Living situations may play role in this decision as well. The father of the baby may not want to be a father and isn’t going to be there as a support. There are millions of single mothers in our country who are succeeding as parents. While it is not easy, it is possible and there is support for those who may be facing parenting alone.

Adoption may be a thought but may also bring the question of whether birth can take place with giving up the child in the end. This is a viable and loving option for anyone who wishes to bring the child into the world that isn’t sure of parenting at this time. Adoption has changed over the years where the one putting their child up for adoption can know the family who will be adopting their child. This is called an open adoption. This choice may be made by the individual who sees this as a better plan for their child than parenting at this time.

Termination of a pregnancy can be an exceedingly difficult decision. Depending on the gestation period it could be done with a medication or it can be done surgically. An abortion can be stressful and a long-term process to overcome. Statistics indicate that 25% of women in the US have chosen to have an abortion. The reasons may very but the father of the child is the one who influences this decision in most cases. Depression, anxiety, and suicide have been equated to previous abortions in a many woman. If this route is more likely the one you will take, I would ask that you consider visiting to read the stories of women who have had an abortion.

Know that what ever path you are considering Hands of Hope is here to walk with you. We will talk to you about the options you have with compassion and care. Our desire is to be a support to you in this time. Call us at 828-247-4673, message us on Facebook at, or email us at

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