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Instant Regret

There are two basic forms of abortion; surgical and medical. in 2017, the Guttmacher Institute reported that 30 of all abortions are medical. This means, they are done by 10 weeks with a pill or medication. The world tells women that this is a good choice, it is non-evasive and is no worse than a heavy menstrual cycle. This, along with fear of many things, persuades lots of women to make this choice. However, out of those who choose medical abortion, there are so many who have instant regret. The "abortion pill" is actually not just one pill, it is two. The first pill taken is mifepristone, which basically blocks progesterone from the uterus, thus depriving the baby of what it needs to survive. The second pill, misoprostol, is taken a couple of days after the first pill and this is done at home. This drug is what causes the body to begin to contract and expel the baby and other contents of the pregnancy. This can be very scary and even dangerous in certain situation. There can be lots of blood loss, large clots are passed, and it could be compared to a early term miscarriage. I personally had a miscarriage at 9 weeks gestation. It was very painful, I lost so much blood that I was faint, and I ended up at the hospital for those reasons. However, the staff in the E.R. said I did the right thing by coming in. This way, I could be sure the miscarriage was complete and clean. With that in mind, if a woman is aborting at home, the risk seems to be the same. Not only is there pain and blood loss, there is the loss of the life of a baby as well as the risk that it not be complete. If that occurs, then hemorrhage is a huge concern. When a woman who has taken the first pill, realizes all of these things after the fact, she may feel helpless.

If you, or someone you know, has taken the first abortion pill and has instant regret, please know that there is hope to save the pregnancy and therefore the life of a baby! The Abortion Pill Reversal is basically a mega dose of progesterone. It combats what the first pill is trying to do. However, timing is very important. Women need to start the reversal pill within the first 24 hours of taking the first of the two abortion pills. According the the Abortion Pill Rescue Network, there have been successful reversals up to 72 hours of taking the Abortion Pill, mifepristone. So then we question is this safe?

"The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) believes that the procedure is safe and significantly more effective than “seeing what happens” without the second medication, misoprostol."

In 2018 one study showed a 63% - 68% success rate, with no birth defects to report. There are some places you can go to if you need to take the Abortion Pill Reversal. Below are a few links where our information came from, as well as links for you to explore and find out more on your own!

If anyone is struggling with a decision concerning pregnancy, please feel free to contact Hands of Hope. We are here to help you talk through your situation, analyze all your options, and help you as best we can.

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