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A Woman Accused

Updated: May 5, 2020

A woman, unnamed, stands in front of a crowd of people accused of a crime she was caught doing. The law of

this land condemns her to death, so the authorities stand in front of the Judge waiting for his verdict. Instead of immediately pronouncing His verdict, He stoops down writing something in the ground. What He writes is unknown. The woman stands there shaking and crying wondering what will happen to her.

While this woman is wondering about the outcome of her crime, she searches through her life. It has been a life of promiscuity. Abandoned by her parents at an early age the only way she could make it was by giving herself away. Men were willing to pay money to have their way with her. There were a lot of chances being taken by doing this. There is always the possibility of becoming pregnant. Then what?

She recalls the time two years ago when that happened. She knew she could not take care of this child because she could barely take care of herself. What man would want to be with her if a baby was in the

household? Then how would she have any money to eat or put a roof over her head. This was not part of the plan. She wondered about this little baby because a mother never forgets her child. How many times has she been told she would not amount to anything? “Is it possible for me to be anything other than what I am?” she asks herself. Now she stands before this crowd fully exposed by her actions.

Maybe you are facing a similar situation as this story. Our laws do not condemn someone to death for sex outside of marriage, or becoming pregnant in the midst of an encounter that provided a roof over your head for the present time, or money to help pay the rent, or even a moment of feeling accepted and loved. However, becoming pregnant in any situation that wasn’t planned puts doubts and anxiety in anyone’s mind. These thoughts may lead to the choice of death – not the woman’s but the result of the woman’s actions.

The interesting part of this story is that the woman stands condemned alone. Where is the man in this picture? Doesn’t he have any responsibility in his actions? Our present society, in many cases, doesn’t include the man in these situations. Although he plays a primary role and has a great responsibility of standing with the woman in her accusations, many times he is absent. The accusers of the woman only brought her to the judge. She was caught in the act, but they didn’t bring the man with her even though the law says he is also to be condemned to death.1

The accusers continue to prod the Judge to announce His sentence until He finally stands up. "The sinless one among you, go first: Throw the stone."2 Then He stooped down again and continue to draw in the sand. There wasn’t an individual in the crowd that could throw a stone at this woman because their lives were no different from this woman’s. The things they’ve done wrong just look different.

How did this story end? The Judge pronounced His judgement to the woman standing by herself – “No condemnation.” He didn’t leave her there but encouraged her to think about her life and make some changes.3

If you find yourself like this woman, remember that you do not need to view yourself as accused. Maybe you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and are in the decision process. Life and death are in your choice. It may seem impossible at this time to continue with a pregnancy and then raise a baby. Maybe. Maybe not. There is support that can help you through the process if you would like it. There is always hope in a hopeless situation. You just need to focus on the hope. Call us or email us if you need someone to talk to:

This story is based on the woman caught in adultery in John 8:1-11. The story is enhanced by my interpretation of her life. Scripture does not tell us about her past.

Know that we have a God who is loving and compassionate with us even when we choose the wrong path. He is forgiving and waits for us to come to Him.

1. See Leviticus 20:10

2. John 8:7 (THE MESSAGE)

3. See John 8:11

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