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For Dads

You are important to your child. Dads play a key role in the development and life of their child and we are here to help.

Hands of Hope offers an interactive, online course through The Fatherhood Initiative to help dads be the best dad they can be. It increases awareness and knowledge about what it takes to be a good dad. There are 15 topics with videos and thought provoking questions to help new dads engage in their child's life. If you are a new dad or have been a dad for a while and want to participate, click on the link below.

Dads with children under age 2 can earn HOPE Bucks to redeem in the store. We also offer other fatherhood and parenting video-based curriculum at our center. Contact us to learn more. Click the contact button below or call 828-247-4673.

Follow this link to the Fathering in 15 online course.

A printable version of the Fathering in 15 questions is available by clicking on the button below.

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