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About Us

Hands of Hope for Life, Inc is a non-profit organization and all our services are offered free. We serve all clients despite age, race, income, religious affiliation, disability or circumstances. They are treated with kindness, compassion and respect receiving open and honest answers.

What we do?

We personally meet with individuals who come into our facility in a private setting. All information gathered is kept confidential and conversations are conducted non-judgmentally. We provide them the information helping them in the decision process.

What we cover?

For the abortion minded women.

  • Provide information about the abortion processing depending on the gestation period. (We do not refer to an abortion center.)

  • How an abortion affects the unborn child as well as how it may affect the mother and father.

  • Alternative options

For the woman deciding on adoption.

  • Provide information on a viable adoption agency.

  • How the adoption process affects the mother.

  • Counseling through the pregnancy to prepare the mother for this choice.

  • Post-adoption counseling.

For the woman choosing to parent.

  • Parenting education and counseling during pregnancy.

  • Counseling, Bible study, and/or continued parenting education on child development after the child’s birth.

  • Provide supplemental material items preparing for the baby to come home.

  • Monthly supplemental baby needs for the first two years of the child’s life.